Marcus J Freed speaking to a stadium of 2000 people at the Yoga World's Day in Lisbon, 2011.

In June 2011, the Jewish Yoga Network was represented at the Yoga World’s Day in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference brought together a group of representatives from international yoga organizations, including gurus and swamis from India, the Middle East, and across Europe.

The conference was hosted by Yoga Samkhaya and the Portugese Yoga Federation, which is run under the leadership of their master, Guru Amrta Suryananda.

Marcus addressed the conference with a talk entitled; The Yogic Art of War: Ahimsa vs Rodef Shalom:
Ahimsa, non-violence, is a cornerstone of yoga. Ancient Biblical wisdom teaches ‘Rodef Shalom’, being a ‘pursuer of peace’ and elsewhere it says ‘there is a time for peace and a time war’. Where do we go from here?
. He also addressed the 2000+ crowd at the Yoga World’s Day stadium with a blessing for global simcha and sukha; both words mean ‘joy’ – the first in Hebrew, the second in Sanskrit.