The Yogish summer season is upon us with a beautiful array of international retreats from Or HaLev, Kinneret Yoga, Torah Yoga and more. Here are some of the summer roundups. There may be more updates at our Facebook group Wishing y’all a great summer.


Shabbat ShalOM Yoga Retreat – Damascus, Oregon – 25-27 May 2018 – Find out more

Torah Yoga: Acquiring Garments of Light – Isabella Freedman, CT, Jul 23, 2018 – Jul 29, 2018 – Find out more


Kinneret Yoga – Miami, Florida: June 18th-July 6th Summer Intensive – Find out more

Kinneret Yoga – Manhattan, New York: July 9th to July 26th July Intensive – Find out more

Kinneret Yoga – Jerusalem, Israel : July 15th to July 31st July Intensive – Find out more


Or HaLev – ‘Opening the Heart’ July 1-8, 2018, Royal Way Retreat Center, Lucerne, CA – Find out more

Or HaLev – Family Friendly Retreat, August 10-13, 2018, JCC Ranch Camp, Elbert, CO Find out more

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