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We are thrilled to receive our first web award! The folks at Snippetfact have given us an award for the information that is on Jewishyoganetwork.org – and the way that we strive to provide quality writing that will inform and enlighten readers.

Thank you for being part of our community, and please continue to contribute your articles and comments via the pages and editorial channels.

Here is what they told us about their decision to give us the award:

Why Jewishyoganetwork.org?

Because SnippetFact.com is a project designed to improve the quality of online factual content, we want to promote and encourage this on other websites too! Jewishyoganetwork.org was awarded for one or more of the following reasons:
-Accurate and precise informational content.
-Interesting and inviting layout and/or writing style.
-Reliable source for trustworthy content.
-Unique and entertaining information.

Shalom, Blessings and Mazeltov!!

Marcus J Freed
Jewish Yoga Network

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