The Jewish Yoga Network was delighted to sponsor a yoga panel in Los Angeles featuring some of our Los Angeles-based teachers. Ida Unger reports from the Kalsman Week of Jewish Wisdom and Healing April 22 & April 26.

During the JYN sponsored panel for the Kalman Institute’s Week of Jewish Wisdom and Healing, four yoga teachers demonstrate their practice.  Ida Unger of Kosher Yoga shows the Lamed, chair pose as does Rabbi Winocur Erlick  in a chair version. Michelle Azar does the Astanga 2 series while Zack Lodmer of Om Shalom Yoga shows one legged dog pose.  Each told their story of how they found yoga and how yoga connects to their Jewish soul.  The panel was titled “Why these Jews Stand on their Heads. Is yoga kosher?”  The answer was a resounding yes. Photo by Joanne Tolkoff

The Yoga, Creation and Shabbat class, taught by Ida Unger, gathers after a session at Yoga Daya, on Venice and Robertson, showing how the yogis and how the Jews honor the Divine Creation.  Both systems advocate deep rest.  Shabbat Shalom – Rest with Peace, a whole rest, rest.  You deserve it.