Friends, here are some thoughts on yoga for Tisha B’Av and during the nine days. It was a response to a question posted on our Facebook page by Rachel Leah Bello of


One temple was destroyed because if sinaat chinam – hate… Relationship from one person to another. The other temple was destroyed because of violations in the relationship between God and person.

Yoga means to yoke… spirit and body, god and human… we have a similar term called “ol malchut shamayin” the yoke of the kingdom of heaven. Some of the main tenets of yoga also known as the yamas and niyamas basically right relationship with God and with fellow humans. The practice of asana, postures, pranayama breath, are intended to yoke/ unify our souls and body in right relationship with ourselves each other and God. Also to prepare us for dhyana meditation also known as hitbonenut. In the 9 days we are mourning not just the loss of a physical building…. What was really wounded was our relationship to God and humanity. We lost hope love faith and trust in the supreme, in love, in humanity. To me the 9 days seems like the perfect time to reunite all those parts and meditate on our relationships, who and how we are being. Yoga when done with intention, kavana offers exactly this. Thank you for asking such a great question.