Filmmaker Stacey Menchel is launching an excellent film project that explores art, dance and ecology within Israel. It’s a project that touches the heart of the Jewish Yoga Network, as we continue to explore the interplay between tradition, culture and physical expression. Here’s some more information about the project below and check out the link to see how you can support the project!!

From Indiegogo;
The Story

Renewal profiles Vertigo, a world-renowned Jerusalem dance company that builds an eco-arts village to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. The process of becoming green forces the dancers and their families to reconsider their art, their values, and their place in the Holy Land.

The Mission

After meeting the Vertigo Dance Company while reporting in Israel in 2010, I knew I wanted to make a documentary about their unique approach to art and environmental activism. I built an amazing production team, including dance cinematographer Elad Debi, and we began the journey.

The documentary is intended for film festivals and educational screenings. Renewal provides new perspectives on Israel by showcasing its distinctive dance culture, while investigating sustainable living, providing tangible examples of accessible ecological practices.