Listen to several personal accounts of how five Jews found yoga and found a path connecting this ancient physical practice to their Jewish soul, identity, and practice. Q & A and yoga demo follows the talk.

Moderated by Rabbi Anne Brener with participation of Rabbi Avivah Erlick, Michelle Azar, Zac Lodmer and Ida Unger. Video editing by Marcus J Freed, filming by Joanne Tolkoff.

Yoga for Jews: Is it kosher? Is it holy? Is it confusing? What are some of the thoughts and challenges with adopting yoga as part of a Jewish spiritual path? Do we chant in Hindu? Use the Sankrit language? Practice with idols in the room? Let’s make some peace with the ways these ancient paths enhance and deepen each other, while keeping it kosher.

Learn how these five Jews who do yoga have combined their Jewish life with a yoga practice. No surprise that you will hear different views and varying opinions as this new subject is discussed. Jews all over the world have discovered yoga and knowing where your Jewish roots fit in with a practice from a different culture will be broadening, refreshing and points to the many ways Jews are saying yes to health, wholeness and physical practices that awaken and enliven the soul, the neshama. Is yoga kosher? You decide after hearing these teachers who discovered yoga and are joyfully sharing it with others.