Join us for a day full of enjoyable sessions with a variety of professionals, covering a variety of practices. Including Pranayama and Yoga Nidra, hip opening, Iyengar and Satyanada Yogas and more.

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Tight Hips with Natalie Poplar
10 – 11.15am
This hip opening sequence is a great way to start the day and is suitable for beginners and experienced students alike. Synchronising the breath with movement this practice will not only ‘open’ the hips but increase strength and stability in the hip muscles

Pranayma & Yoga Nidra with Leora Zehavi
11.25am – 12.15pm
Leora is a Yoga Teacher and Family and Systemic Psychotherapist. This session will allow you to draw your attention inward; giving yourself permission to slow down, find a peaceful place and explore your mind’s activity through yoga nidra.
Bring a small blanket please

Lunch Break
12-15 – 1.30pm

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation with Jason Demant
1.30 – 2.30pm
Jason has worked as a rabbi, therapist, hospice chaplain and mindfulness teacher. He loves exploring how Buddhist ideas can encourage a personal reading of Jewish teachings. Together, you will study some Jewish ideas on mindfulness and then practice meditation which will lead towards you leaving the session feeling calmer with new tools to carry on independent meditation..

Spiralling Yoga with Amir Greenstein
2.45 – 4pm
Designed to create balance in the body and have it transformed into a unified organism – the postures are based on the activation and manipulations of the myofascial meridians of the body. A fusion of yoga, tai chi, chi gong and internal power. The aim is to realign mody & mind into one entity, one consciousness. Amir runs a holistic fitness studio called Feeling the Healing in Golders Green.