The Jewish Yoga Network Presents: A DAY OF YOGA

A day of spirituality and yoga for teachers, students and friends
A great opportunity for like-minded people to be together

Sunday 12TH February 2017
10.15 am to 4.30 pm
Hutton Grove, Finchley, N12 8DR

To book your place, email Estelle Eugene or call 0203 091 5088/07952 814767.

Programme for the Day:


10.30 YOGA with Janette Brazil. This opening Hatha yoga session will consist of gentle and moderately dynamic yoga postures. During the final part of the session, she will introduce us to Makaton (a form of talking and signing). This session will the lead us seamlessly into:
12.00 PRANAYAMA AND YOGA NIDRA. With Estelle Eugene who will lead us into a brief but important practice of Analoma Viloma and then into the relaxing Yoga Nidra.

12.30 LUNCH – Please bring own vegetarian packed lunch. Drinks will be provided.

1.30 THE SCIENCE OF SILENCE Led by Rabbi Rebecca Birk and Richard Kravetz.
How Meditation & Judaism both help us to understand ourselves, seek the truth and live consciously. Turning inwards mindfully allows balance, gratitude and reconnection with the divine within. The presenters will explore these themes with readings and introspection and introduce the idea of silence from a scientific/biological perspective.
We will share silence together and discuss the implications.

3.00 Tea Break

3.15 YOGA SESSION with Stacey Landau, who teaches Svastha yoga – the name given by AG and Indra Mohan to the classical yoga as taught by Sri T Krishnamacharya.This style of teaching is a way of approaching the practice in which we take into account the individual, their needs and their limitations.

Cost £35.
Please book by 27th January. See booking form below.

Janette Brazil is the founder of Jagadamba Yoga. She has been teaching for ten years and specialises in teaching people with additional needs. She also does workshops for Carers at Triyoga Yoga. Her yoga journey was featured in the Inspirational Women section of Good Housekeeping magazine in August. Read more at her website

Estelle Eugene BWY. Dip has been teaching yoga for many years. Loving both her Jewish and Yoga traditions she sought areas where the two could successfully integrate and has run seminars for people to explore their roots and see where Judaism & Yoga strengthen each discipline for over twenty years, never losing her passion. Her initial creation Yoga Mosaic morphed into The Jewish Yoga Network when her yoga colleague Marcus Freed, residing in the US, suggested a more inclusive renaming and expanded JYN internationally – see (and on Facebook)

Rabbi Rebecca Birk is the Rabbi of Finchley Progressive Synagogue. She has BA & MA degrees from Bristol & Harvard universities, followed by studies & ordination at Leo Baeck College. She has always been interested in the idea of intention and kavannah and bringing integrity into progressive Jewish experience. She recently completed a mindfulness course and is enjoying teaching with Richard and bringing the art of mindfulness to Jewish expression and prayer.

Richard Kravetz has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years to adults, children and people with
Special Needs. He is a qualified BWY teacher, certified Yoga for Special Child therapist, a Chair Yoga instructor and conducts regular training courses & workshops. He has been recruited as part of a BWY Focus Group to help formulate a strategy on how Yoga can address the major issue of Ageing & Dementia. His work with Special Needs has been recognised nationally. He believes powerful therapeutic interventions provide people with an opportunity to detach from everyday anxieties and find an intuitive direction which connects us with the divine in every moment.

Stacey Landau Stacey has trained with the BWY and is also an accredited cYs practitioner (Paul  Harvey’s Centre for Yoga Studies). She has been practicing for 17 years; teaching since 2005 and is passionate about using yoga as a therapeutic tool with various health and mental conditions.  During the past few years her interest in the energetic pathways of the body and the possibility to encourage healing has been realised through other methods such as Theta Healing and Quantum Being.