Experienced Jewish Yogi Steven J Gold has published his latest book, “Dimensions – Navigating the Spiritual System”, available here: http://amzn.to/2DOlZ6M. Steven shares a few questions and introduction to his book for visitors at the Jewish Yoga Network:

What is meditation?

What is consciousness?

What are the connections between consciousness, mind and emotion?

What are the connections between the Yoga Spirituality of mystical India and the Jewish Spirituality of Torah and Kabalah?

What does “karma” have to do with the Book of Job? What is the connection between biblical miracle workers such
as Elijah and Elisha and yogic wonders of the East?

What is the kabalistic meaning of the opening line of Genesis, “tikkun olam,” and their relationship with mystical yoga teachings?

“DIMENSIONS: Navigating the Spiritual Spectrum, charts in greater detail the journey of a Jewish Yoga meditator contained in my earlier book, Yoga and Judaism. Describing and expanding upon personal experiences and insights from his spiritual journey, all these questions, and more, are addressed. Included are guided meditations drawn from overlapping principles and teachings found in both Kabalah and Indian mysticism.” http://amzn.to/2DOlZ6M

dimensions steven j gold