Jewish Yoga Network Tara Mizrachi has made a wonderful gift for everyone visiting our website. Her album “Jewish Meditation Music: Shalom, Shema, Modei Ani” has beautiful, heartfelt, soulful Jewish music that is perfect for a meditation or yoga practice.

Tara explained that the album is a tzedakak project in memory of her mother, and if you are inspired to give tzedakah in her mother’s name and send a bracha/blessing, it is all appreciated.

The inspiration for Tara to create this album came from visiting a yoga class and noticing the lack of Jewish music. She said, “I made the Jewish Meditation Music” CD because I remember going to a yoga class at a synagogue and the music playing was African tribal music and another time it was modern secular music. So I thought it would be helpful to make Jewish Meditation Music.”

Tara’s website is

In recent weeks I taught Jewish-themed classes whilst playing Tara’s music in the background. Tara’s music help build a lovely atmosphere for teaching and practicing. If you visit

In addition, Tara has generously provided THREE other albums as well!

“Morning Blessings from the Jewish Prayerbook”

“Sparks of Holiness”

“Psalms for Everyone”