The Jewish Yoga Network began life 20 years in the UK as Yoga Mosaic. Founded by Estelle Eugene at Yakar in London, it has expanded Internationally as a resource for both teachers and students. We aim to provide a wealth of information via our website for everybody who is enthusiastic for the profound worlds of Jewish wisdom, yoga and meditation. Please explore and contribute to our community.

MARCUS J FREED is president of the Jewish Yoga Network and award-winning author of The Kabbalah Sutras: 49 Steps to Enlightenment and The Kosher Sutras – the Jewish Way in Yoga & Meditation. Originally from England, he now resides in Los Angeles. He is yogi-in-residence for JConnectLA and Jewlicious Festivals and regularly tours to communities around the North America and Europe teaching Jewishly-inspired yoga and performing his one-man Biblical comic plays. Visit Marcus’s website and , and sign up to receive regular teachings.

The steering committee for the Jewish Yoga Network in the USA includes Rabbi Avivah Erlick, Ida Unger, Lisa Grossman, and Zack Lodmer. Our US network was originally pioneered by Reisha Golden, who did a huge amount of work for the ‘Yoga Mosaic’ website before the relaunch, and we are hugely grateful to Reisha’s work.

Join the new Facebook group: Jewish Yoga Network. We look forward to expanding the network. Please invite your friends, teachers and fellow classmates.

ESTELLE EUGENE founded the original Yoga Mosaic, and is co-founder and co-director of the Jewish Yoga Network. She lives in London and teaches a regular schedule of classes. Estelle has run over 20 annual Jewish Yoga seminars in England -several in conjunction with JW3 and is thrilled to see how the community continues to grow internationally. She is also a proud mother and grandmother!

The Torah is concerned with both our spiritual and physical wellbeing. Moreover there has always been a recognition in Judaism that there is wisdom and there are resources to improve our lives beyond the four cubits of halachah. In addition the art of meditation, both as a preparation for prayer and as the deep state of spiritual consciousness to which prayer should lead, has been an integral part of Jewish practice and tradition down the ages. In these regards there is much richness and benefit to be gained from the ancient practice known as Yoga which uses breath and movement to bring harmony to body, mind and spirit. Whether one sees Yoga as helping recapture Jewish wisdom and practice which may have been lost over time, or as incorporating wisdom from other parts of the world into Jewish life; the physical and spiritual benefits of such practice offer much blessing and enlightenment. I accordingly express my appreciation and admiration to Estelle Eugene for her work and website YogaMosaic which seeks to integrate the benefits of Yoga into authentic and committed Jewish life.

Rabbi David Rosen,CBE,KSG,
International Director of Interreligious Affairs , AJC