Welcome to the Resources page. This is intended to be a central online resource exploring the connections between Jewish wisdom, yoga and meditation. We are continually expanding the library and if you’d like to contribute an article, please get in touch! If you’re interested in writing, please send an article up to 400 words, to info at jewishyoganetwork.org. Submission Guidelines are simple – please send your article in either the body text of the email or in an attached Word or Text document, with any images as a separate attachment. Many thanks!


Above The Sun:The Ancient (and New) Riches of Jewish Yoga by Matthew Gindin

Asanas in the Service of Adonai by Rabbi Myriam Klotz

Better Davening Through Yoga by Jason Kohn

Body as a Temple – Yoga for Tisha B’Av and the Nine Days by Marcus J Freed

Ethics of the Yogis, Part 1 – Ahimsa/Non-Violence by Marcus J Freed

The Burning and Unburnt Bush – Agni & the Fire of Yoga by Steven J Gold

Ekagratta Chitta: If not now, when? by Marcus J Freed

Emanation and Unity by Rabbi Eli Mallon

Emunah and Yoga by Rabbi Eli Mallon [External Link]

Is Meditation a Mitzvah? by Rabbi Silvia Boorstein [External Link]

A False “Self” (Yoga, Vedanta, and Judaism) by Rabbi Eli Mallon

Grasping for God with arms outstretched by Nathaniel Popper

Grasping for God: A Response – The Yoga Minyan
by Rabbi Andrea London

Hebrew Mantras by Steven J Gold

Hebrew Mantras Part 2 – Adonai Hineni by Steven J Gold

Holy Sanctuaries & Golden Calves – Moving Torah (with video) by Andrea Hodos

Judaism and Yoga in the New Year by Reisha Golden

Lurianic Kabbalah and Shunryu Suzuki by Matthew Gindin

Meditation Basics-Condensed Version by Steven J Gold

OPHANIM – The Yoga of Abraham Unites Time, Space and Being by Rabbi Itzchak Marmorstein

Reflections on leading a contemplative shabbat retreat by Dr Zvi Bellin

Savasana – A Jewish Yogi’s Perspective on Death & Dying by Shalom Isaacson

Shabat ~ Shabas ~ Shabasana ~ Shavasana – The Divine Pause  by Audi Gozlan

Shabbat – A balance of the masculine and feminine by Reisha Golden

Shavuot and Yoga: Making it Count by Marcus J Freed

Spiritual Stretch by Pieta Wooley

Teshuva and Yoga – Paths to Enlightenment by Ida Unger

Torah and Inner Change by Rabbi Eli Mallon [External Link]

Yoga and Judaism by Zack Lodmer

Yoga Means to Yoke onto the Spirit – How Does this Relate to Judaism? by Reisha Golden

Yogis Merge Traditions: Classes Bring Transcendence by D Jamenkesky

Bending Yoga to fit worship needs – Jewish & Christian Yogis in the LA Times [External Link].


An article about religion and movement (external link)


Jacob’s Ladder and the Anatomy of Meditation by Bill Heilbronn

Meditation Basics by Steve J Gold

Ayin – Raja Yoga, Samadhi and Jewish Mysticism by Bill Heilbronn

Jewish Yoga Meditation by Steve J Gold

Free download of Yoga books including the Bhagavad Gita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika! [External Link]


Davening in the Morning (PDF) by Laura Asita Weiss & Rabbi Goldie Milgram

Jewish Yoga – A History [PDF] by Wendy Schneider

Kabbalah and Yoga – Comparisons and Taboos by Cia Sautter


EVERYTHING IS GOD: The Radical Path of Jewish Non-Dualism by Jay Michaelson.

The Subtle Body – the story of Yoga in America.