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Popular 'Kosher' Yoga and Fitness Studio in Crown Heights

Popular ‘Kosher’ Yoga and Fitness Studio in Crown Heights

Sarede Switzer, a guru in “kosher” yoga, runs a successful yoga and fitness studio in Crown Heights, NY with a mostly religious, female client base. “The majority of my clientele are Jewish religious women who don’t feel so comfortable going to a regular yoga studio, where it’s a mixed class or a religious element like...
Springtime Yoga Retreat in Israel's Negev Desert

Springtime Yoga Retreat in Israel’s Negev Desert

Swadesh Sharma, a Yoga master from India who will be in Israel for the first time, and Shelley Diamond, a Yogi from Tel Aviv, will guide this three-day retreat in Israel’s Negev Desert to help participants gain mental clarity, physical purification and spiritual uplifting to enter into the Spring season. Shelley and Swadesh will teach...
Jewish Meditation Class in Jerusalem

Jewish Meditation Class in Jerusalem

Don’t miss this weekly Jewish Meditation Class in Jerusalem at The Shalev Center for Jewish Personal Growth. Cultivating awareness and introspection is the foundation for any kind of personal growth work, especially yoga. This is a unique weekly opportunity to quite down and re-connect with yourself and with G-d. Class is facilitated by Rabbi Hillel...