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The Jewish Yoga Network is a community of teachers and students who explore their roots in yoga, meditation and Jewish wisdom. Please join our community to get involved, enjoy the free resources and come along to upcoming network events.

VIDEO - Don't call it "Jewish Yoga"

VIDEO – Don’t call it “Jewish Yoga”

When Ida Unger approached the legendary yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar in and asked for his input on her Jewish yoga teaching, Mr Iyengar gave an thoughtful and amazing response about integrating yoga with a Jewish practice… Ida teaches regular classes at her studio in Santa Monica, Los Angeles www.yogagardenstudios.com.
Free Jewish Music for Yoga

Free Jewish Music for Yoga

Jewish Yoga Network Tara Mizrachi has made a wonderful gift for everyone visiting our website. Her album “Jewish Meditation Music: Shalom, Shema, Modei Ani” has beautiful, heartfelt, soulful Jewish music that is perfect for a meditation or yoga practice. Tara explained that the album is a tzedakak project in memory of her mother, and if...
Weekly Videos Yoga + Torah

Weekly Videos Yoga + Torah

Would you like to see a free video teaching every single week with a Yoga & Meditation practice so that you can physically experience the Parshat HaShavua, the weekly Torah reading? Sign up to join our Mailing List (to the right of this post ==> ) & you will receive updates straight to your Inbox....
'Noah' teaching resources

‘Noah’ teaching resources

One aim of the Jewish Yoga Network is to help support in your teaching of yoga, Jewish wisdom and meditation. Here is a sample resource that you can use for teaching the story of Noah through yoga. Let us know how you get on! ‘Go with the flow’ – the Yoga of Parshat Noach Kosher...