Here are some web links that you might find helpful. Do let us know if you have any more suggestions.

Jewish Study Centres and Sources

Aleph – Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Daat Elyon is an online center for the study of spiritual wisdom and the practice of contemplative techniques

David Zeller

Elat Chayyim – a Jewish spiritual retreat center

HaMakom – runs meditation workshops and retreats in the UK

Institute of Jewish Spirituality

Isralight Institute- an international organization dedicated to inspiring a renaissance in Jewish life

Jerusalem Health- Holistic healing from Jerusalem teacher

Kabbalah and Chassidut: Gateway to the Inner Dimension of Jewish Mysticism from Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

Kabbalah Kosher Kabbalah From the Safed Masters & Their Successors

Reclaiming Judaism – Rabbi Goldie Milgram

Wisdom of Kabbalah

Yakar Jerusalem

Jewish Sources for Yoga and Meditation

Bibliyoga and the Kosher Sutras by Marcus J Freed

Kabalah Yoga with Audi Gozlan

Institute for Jewish Spirituality

Metivta – LA-based contemplative Judaism

Nefesh Bliss Yoga & Dance

Nefesh Haya School of Ophanim and Prophetic Jewish Meditation

Tikkun Centre – a center for yoga and Judaism in British Columbia, Canada

Torah Yoga – created by Diane Bloomfield

Walking Stick Foundation: Jewish & Native American Spirituality

Yoga Garden Studios with Ida Unger


Be Yoga – Ashtanga vinyasa yoga in Tel Aviv.
Brisbane Yoga Studio
British Wheel of Yoga
Circle of Yoga – a source for yoga teachers in Israel
Discover Yoga On Line – Learn yoga on line.
Yoga with Faina Friends in Israel – private lessons in Rishon-Le-Zion
Health and Yoga
Holistic Yoga Holidays – make friends and get “fit” in the SUN!
Israel Yoga – Ashtanga yoga.
Maoz Aviv Yoga Centre – in Maoz Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
Mettá – inner peace leads to world peace
One-Stop-Yoga for all your yoga products
Patanjali Centre for Classical Yoga – the Patanjali Ashram in Sussex.
Yoga and Tantra sources
Special Yoga – London classes for adults & children with special needs.
Yoga Accessories – discount yoga products with regular special offers online (every tuesday!)
Yoga Alliance – An alliance of yoga teachers worldwide
Yoga Journal – a yoga magazine
Yoga United for yoga equipment using fairtrade principles
Yoga Vidya
Yoga UK
World Yoga Network

Hazon – the Jewish Environmental Movement
Uri L’Tzedek – Jewish Social Action
Chaim Centre in North West London for a variety of therapies
Chai Cancer Care – The London Jewish community’s cancer support organisation