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RABBI HEATHER ALTMAN Drawing on the Hebrew connection between “rav” (rabbi-teacher) and “rov” (plenty), Rav Yoga means Abundant Yoga, as well as Yoga Rabbi. In Rav Yoga, Heather unites yoga and Judaism in a manner that is authentic to both beautiful traditions. Rav Yoga practice empowers, renews, and connects your body, mind, and soul.
Heather is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and studied with Ana Forrest, Seane Corn, and Shiva Rae. Rav Yoga brings the Forrest and Vinyasa Flow emphases of connecting movement and breath with intense pose sequences that stimulate mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom.
Tel: 773 983-9617
Email: Rabbi Heather Altman



YOGA MINYANS led by Rabbi Andrea London and Julie Singer (yoga teacher)
at Beth Emet The Free Synagogue, 1224 Dempster, Evanston, Il 60202.
Tel: 847 869- 4230
Email: Beth Emet

ANDREA PENNY LUBERSHANE GARDNER teaches at Beth Emet The Free Synagogue. Andrea has practiced yoga for over 30 years is a certified Experienced Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. She studied at the Living Yoga Program at Barsana Dham ashram in Austin, TX. She also has a certification from YogainChairs, especially for people with multiple sclerosis. Andrew specializes in teaching boomers, seniors and students with physical limitations, with courses like: Chair Yoga, Yoga for Special Needs, Super Gentle Yoga, Partner Yoga & Pool Yoga.
Email: Andrea Gardner



ROBIN MALLOR – ‘ADMONAH’ Robin has over 40 years experience as a yoga practitioner and 10 years as a teacher, certified by the Integral Yoga Institute. Robin continues to study and integrate the truths of Judaism and yoga. Admonah first learned under the able tutelage of Swami Satchidananda’s Detroit IYI teachers. She studied a basic yoga practice which continued for the next 40 years. While in India in 1978-82, she studied with Direndra Brahmacharyi and Yogacharya Iyengar. Her lifelong avocation for teaching Israeli folk dances and universal peace dances brought her into Jewish classrooms where she also used Aleph Bet yoga and dancing the Midrash. For her 50th birthday she treated herself to IYI Yoga Teacher Training. Admonah teaches yoga and dances of universal peace indoors and in natural outdoor settings, wherever she is called. She accompanies herself on drum. She leads Rosh Chodesh gatherings in the tipi on her farm every month. She resides with her husband at Three Roods Farm in Columbiaville, Michigan. Please have a look at our farm website (Three Roods Farm), which includes a page on yoga.
Tel: 810 441-1878
Email: Robin Mallor


AARON BERGMAN, a rabbi at Adat Shalom Synagogue in Farmington Hills, Michigan, grew up next to and was bar mitzvah at a chasidic shul by parents who also practiced Transcendental Meditation. He has embraced his East/West background and understands Judaism as an Eastern Religion that has taken root in the West. He also believes art and music are as important to spirituality as texts are. Rabbi Bergman has been a beginning meditator for almost forty years and hopes to stay that way.
Email: Aaron Bergman


COLE IMPERI is a 200 hour Certified Teacher and holds a minor in Judaic Studies with a year of intensive Hebrew. Her academic background in Judaic and Christian studies brings deeper insight to her classes, while her recent trip to Israel and current studies in Aramaic bring a widened perspective to the cultural and historical significance of her teachings. Cole has additional training and experience in bodywork, marma points and anatomy and Ayurveda. By day, Cole is Owner and Creative Director of Doth Brands, a creative agency based in Cincinatti.OH. Through her work in design, Cole has also studied the effects of shape and color on mood and perception, adding wider breadth and insight to her classes.
Tel: 513 549-5399
Email: Cole Imperi
Website: or

SANDY GROSS Director of Evolution Yoga. Many of the teachers, including Sandy , are Jewish, and weave Jewish themes into their classes.
Tel: 216 595-YOGA



HELEN KITTI SMITH is a certified Iyengar teacher. She teaches Dallas, and Miami. She believes that those seven centuries under Muslim rule – where Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together in relative harmony – is reflected in the first yama of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, namely ahimsa, which is compassion and non-injuring. This is the essence of Judaism as defined by Hillel when he was asked to distill its teachings standing on one leg. He said, “Treat others as you would treat yourself.”
Mobile: 214 632-5353
Email: Helen Kitti Smith

BRITTNEY HERSONis a 200 hour RYT certified yoga teacher from Dallas, TX. A student at the University of Texas at Austin, she teaches at the University Hillel and at the University’s recreation center.
Email: Brittney Herson or Brittney’s other email address


SHALOM ISAACSON  is a RYT 200 yoga instructor.  He teaches at the Jewish Community Center in Houston, both mixed and men’s only classes, as well as at other studios and health clubs around the city.  He also teaches chair yoga to the elderly at different Jewish synagogues/temples. “My Judaism and Yoga definitely impact one another. Whether it be teaching yoga in shul on Yom Kippur, using Jewish music in class, or adding a Jewish theme to teaching…you could easily call it ‘Jewish Yoga.’  Additionally, lessons from the mat can be applied to prayer, be it through internal focus, or deep breathing.”  In addition to yoga, Shalom teaches spinning and enjoys dance cardio.

Email: Shalom Isaacson
Mobile: 810-373-2231.