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. Kripalu-certified teacher of gentle yoga. Classes are held in her home in a peaceful setting facing the garden. In the future, Phyllis hopes to incorporate more Jewish spirituality into her classes, at the moment, few of her students are Jewish. She is also a nutritionist and offers a “nutrition chat” each month either preceding or following her yoga class.

Tel: 203-661-0949
Email: Phyllis Herman



STEVEN J GOLD, BA Antioch College, Philosophy and Religion; JD Emory Law School, is the founder/director of the Yoga and Judaism Center in Atlanta, GA and the author of several books, including Yoga and Judaism (2007) and Ivri: The Essence of Hebrew Spirituality (2010). He has been an initiate, student, practitioner and teacher in a Himalayan meditation tradition for over 30 years and a student of Kabala and Jewish Spirituality for several years. His teaching activities focus on correlations between Hebrew and Vedic spirituality and a hybrid Jewish Yoga Meditation and Healing Meditation which he developed.

Email: Steven J Gold



EDITH BROTMAN.  Edith is a recent recipient of the Dorbrecht Grant for Judaic Yoga—to explore the intersections of Judaism and yoga. In 2012, she is also completing the Wexner Heritage Program for Jewish lay leaders and a 500 RYT training under Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga. Edith has studied extensively with Baron Baptiste and has taken workshops with Anna Forest and Shiva Rae.  When she is not practicing and teaching yoga, Edith follows kirtan singer David Newman (Durga Das) and leads Mussar study groups.

Email: Edith Brotman

ELLEN RABINOWITZ. Anusara style teacher. Jewish Yoga group meets monthly.
Come join a wonderful diverse group of men and women. Each session of class involves a different kavannah or intention, meditations on Torah and other writings and yoga postures. After all, yoga is meditation in movement. What better way to celebrate and connect with the divine.

Tel: 443 739-6260
Email: Ellen Rabinowitz


RABBI ELYSSA JOY AUSTER Elyssa is a Power Yoga/Vinyasa Certified Yoga Teacher, and incorporates yoga poses and styles from other yogic traditions. As a rabbi, she is interested in finding the intersection of Judaism and Yoga, of mind and body, and of self and Universe. Elyssa teaches Jewish yoga and secular yoga; both practices open to a deeper relationship with the whole self. Elyssa also leads Hebrew Kirtan (chant), meditation, and text study in combination with yoga or independently. She is available to travel for workshops, shabbatonim, or individual classes.

Email: Rabbi Elyssa Joy Auster

RACHEL HERSH A hazzan serving Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation in Bethesda, MD, Rachel started a hatha yoga practice in 2002 and was struck by the many ways that Jewish life called out for this body-aware devotional practice. She has offered yoga classes and retreats which integrate Jewish text and wisdom with classical hatha yogasana in her synagogue community since 2008. She completed her 200-hour training in 2015 with senior Iyengar teachers John Schumacher, Lisa Walford and Kathleen Pringle at the Casey Health Institute in Rockville, MD. See Rachel’s current yoga offerings & program listings at

Email: Rachel Hersh


LISA LEVINE has degrees from the University of California (Music) and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York, where she completed her Masters Degree in Sacred Music in 1989. In support of her Cantorial training she studied Yoga in NYC and after investiture began teaching “Yoga for Singers” to her colleagues. Lisa currently teaches yoga and is the creator and author of “Yoga Shalom”, to be published by URJ Press in 2011. She serves as Cantor of Temple Shalom in Chevy Chase.

Tel: 443-824-3903
Email: Cantor Lisa Levine



. Creator/teacher of Aleph-Bet Yoga – Iyengar-style postures and Jewish material Sunday mornings in Canton and Sharon, MA, or upon request. Also teaches eclectic style Weds and Fri at 12:30 – 1:30, Government Center, Boston, MA. Classes open yr-round.

Tel: 617-918-1551.
Email: Steve Rapp


Newton, Massachusetts

Coming from the Iyengar tradition and using Jewish texts and concepts, I create a fun and rigorous experience. I am a translator of sorts who seeks at “merging” the two traditions. Following the physical work, we learn together a Jewish text such as Heschel’s Shabbat. I love teaching beginners interested in looking into their Jewish tradition as we experience our bodies in movement. I use chairs and props to create a very quiet space and encourage expression of feelings and thoughts about the text and the physical experience. The practice is physical, intellectual as well as emotional.
Email: Rahel Wasserfall



Has studied and taught Alef-Bet Yoga / Steven Rapp and Otiyot Chayyot / Yehudit Goldfarb at Hebrew schools in Northampton Massachusetts.
Currently Completing a 500 hour Teacher Training at EmbodYoga in Amherst, MA with Patty Townsend (Body-Mind Centering teacher)
and teaching Ashtanga at Smith College in the Get Fit Smith program.

Tel: 413-210-0495



GAIL GROSSMAN, RYT, Certified YogaKids Facilitator and Trainer
Director of OM Sweet OM Yoga LLC, Yoga For All Ages
Location: 12 Irma Avenue, Port Washington, NY 11050

Tel: 516.944.YOGA


ARLYN BOLTAX. Arlyn teaches yoga on the North Shore of Long Island (NY). She is a Certified Yoga teacher from Om Yoga NYC, as well as a certified pre-
and post-natal yoga teacher. For the past 3 years, Arlyn has been
inspired by Anusara Yoga and is currently studying towards Anusara
certification with John Friend and his master teachers.
For information on group, corporate, therapeutic, private or
semi-private classes, or on Rosh Chodesh Women’s classses, please
contact Arlyn directly.

Tel: 516-902-9338
Email: Arlyn Boltax

SHARON EPSTEIN Sharon has been teaching yoga classes and offering private sessions since 2007. She began studying yoga 30 years ago, remains consistently curious about the body, and the less tangible entity called, spirit or soul. Alongside Rabbi Tara Feldman of Temple Beth El, Great Neck, NY, Sharon offers classes weaving Jewish themes and texts into Yoga. They developed a Jewish Yoga Morning Prayer practice, Evening Yoga Prayer Practice and Shabbat Morning Yoga services; we offer classes inspired by the weekly Torah portion, Pirke Avot and Mussar teachings.

Tel: 917-693-8287
Email: Sharon Epstein
Web: &


R’ RENE DAVID ALKALAY, PhD, ND. Spiritual Preceptor/Founder, Tree of Life Yoga Center. The Tree of Life is a yoga school for all levels, including adult, children, pre -natal, post-natal, restorative, and therapeutic yoga. It is also the only certified Ophanim school on the east coast. Yoga styles taught at Tree of Life are vinyasakrama , ashtanga , kundalini and tantra . Classes are offered throughout the day seven days a week.
Location: 102-19 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills , NY

Tel: 718-544-5997
Email: R’Rene David Alkalay


, RYT. Teaches “Yoga With A Jewish Twist” beingoffered at Eitz Chaim Synagogue, Monroe, NY. The class is open to anyone over 16, from beginners to experienced yogis. The class uses the asanas and breath work to connect us to the spark of the divine with in us and recognize our partnership with the Creator in the molding of the vessel/bodies that hold that light.

Tel: (845) 496-1229
Email: Mim Senft Ben-Yaacov


. Melissa Kurtz has certification from Rahini yoga, Torah yoga and Healing Movements yoga trainings. She has completed the 2 year Torah Yoga teacher training with Diane Bloomfield and Myriam Klotz. As a teacher, Melissa weaves Kabbalah, Torah, meditation and kavana into all of her classes. Classes can be designed for specific needs – either for groups or for an individual. She is also a practitioner of Kabbalistic healing. Her yoga classes are available for Hebrew Schools, youth groups, Hillels, Women’s Rosh Chodesh groups or for mixed groups, as weekly, monthly or one time special occasion are available.

Tel: 631 474 5091
Email: Melissa Kurtz


Gina is a hatha, vinyasa and therapeutic yoga instructor. She studies Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition, a 5,000 year old science of holistic medicine from India, with Bhagavat Life, NYC. A yoga class with her will teach you to embody a form that houses and flushes the organs and glands so that you work efficiently. However, living in an awakened state all the time is completely exhausting. Thankfully, the Jewish Yoga crowd has very fit souls. Teaching yoga to primarily Jewish woman means teaching to those who are truly adaptable. “Paradise is a walled garden”, and with Halacha and mitzvoth, we integrate yoga for a good boundary from which to grow upward. This creates a truly awakening and exploratory practice.

Email: Gina Ahava


Email: Dr Eileen J. Ain

ELENA BROWER, Founder of Virayoga Studio. Teaches Anusara yoga.

Email: Elena Brower

Aviva Melissa Frank is a certified Yoga Therapist, Sound Healer, Mediator and has trained (500 hr) with Purusha Yoga in San Francisco and Atmananda Yoga Sequence in NYC. She has taught all over the US and in Israel. She infuses her workshops, classes and one-on-ones with music, movement, pranyama (breath-work), guided meditation and art. Her style is rooted in Vinyasa and she uses her dance background to bring an energetic flow to her classes. She also incorporates in the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine, the Chakra system and Kabbalah. Aviva has created an initiative called Downward Dogs for Peace, a six-time program that helps one achieve their goals and bring more peace to their lives.
Email: Aviva Melissa Frank

Trained at Integral Yoga Institute. Teaches Hatha yoga to corporate clients.
Rachel also works with senior citizens and people with special needs and teaches chair yoga.

Tel: 212 752-7930.
Email: Rachel Kneitel

RABBI ELI MALLON M.Ed., LMSW came to Jewish learning as an adult, after experience with TM (Transcendental Meditation, as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi), yoga, and other growth-producing modalities. He studied Jewish Science and Visualization at the Society of Jewish Science (founded by Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein in 1920) in New York. After more than 20 years as a cantor and educator, he received s’michah (rabbinic ordination) from Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, z”l, in 2008 and a 2nd s’michah from Mesifta Adas Wolkowisk in 2015. In addition to private counseling and instruction, he gives lectures and workshops on “Visualization,” “Positive Thinking,” “The Holy Temple,” “Jewish Inspirational Literature,” “Hasidut,” and other topics.

Email: Rabbi Eli Mallon

RABBI ITZCHAK MARMORSTEIN, MSW. Teaches Ophanim Kabbalistic Yoga of Abraham (see article: OPHANIM by Rabbi Marmorstein).

Tel: 250 516-8080
Email: Rabbi Marmorstein
Website: Mila Yomit: The Torah, Word by Word – Ophanim/Nefesh Haya:

REBECCA ROSEN. Rebecca Rosen was dancing before she could walk. Ten years ago, Rebecca turned to Yoga on a break from Dance. She quickly became a dedicated Yogi. NefeshBliss is yoga, dance, meditation & pilates rooted in Torah. NefeshBliss was created & trademarked by Rebecca Rosen. The aim of NefeshBliss is to empower others to find sustainable joy, strength, radiance & wellness through Dance, Fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkreis, Cardio Circuits, Meditation, and Intention Setting/Kavavah. NefeshBliss trains & certifies teachers, hosts workshops and special events. Rebecca has taught a diverse population of students ages 2-92.


MAYA SEIDEL. Israeli-born yoga teacher.

Email: Maya Seidel


WENDY BELLER MADWAY. Trained in Anusara style and as such Anusara inspired in her teaching. Wendy encourages her students to find their fullest expression in each movement, each pose. She finds such delight in watching her students find their inner strength, flexibility, and light that glows deep within. She likes to weave together with grace and awareness the worlds of Yoga and Judaism. When teaching at Temple Sinai, she tries to integrate Jewish themes or imagery into the session. At the JCC, her classes are more fitted to the population the JCC services.

Mail: (PMB237), 2604 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester NY 14618
Tel: 585 258-9101
Email: Wendy Beller Madway


ROBIN WALD is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor in Westchester, NY. Her classes interweave Jewish wisdom, Torah, Kabbalah, ethics, and prayer and with yogic philosophy, asana, pranayama and meditation practice. Her classes inspire students to connect to Judaism and yoga in a healing, compassionate, fun and transformational way. Robin teaches weekly Jewish yoga classes for adults, high school students, and children at synagogues throughout Westchester and has taught for the Institute for Jewish Spirituality’s Lay Retreats, the UJA Federation, and Solomon Schechter schools.

Email: Robin Wald


Laura has been practicing yoga for over ten years, and is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor registered with the Yoga Alliance. Initially attracted to yoga as a form of exercise, her practice and teaching has evolved from an athletic endeavor to a spiritual practice. She enjoys helping her students hear that “still, small voice” deep inside through asana, pranayama, and meditation.Laura’s classes combine movement and alignment instruction with teachings from Torah, Kabbalah and yogic texts.

Email: Laura Ingber Rotter



HOWARD KATZ. Certified Vinyasa yoga instructor, registered with Yoga Alliance. Teaches yoga at various venues in Bergen County, New Jersey and lives in Paramus, New Jersey . He also teaches occasional Torah classes and leads services (including High Holiday services) at his synagouge, an egalitarian, spiritually alive Conservative synagogue in Englewood , New Jersey . Coordinates yoga/Shabbat retreats.

Mobile: 201 232-6244
Email: Howard Katz


URI BLUMENTHAL. Certified Ophanim Teacher. Certified Integral Yoga Teacher. Certified Meditation Teacher. Direct Disciple in Kaivalyadhama lineage. Initiated into Ophanim in Jerusalem. More than 35 years of practice.
Teaches mixed classes in Fair Lawn, NJ, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Available for group and private classes.

Tel: 201 398-0606
Email: Uri Blumenthal


RUTH CRAWFORD (Known as Roo)

Mail: 635 Whiton Road, Neshanic Station, New Jersey, 08853
Tel: 908 240 78622
Email: Ruth Crawford


Princeton Center for Yoga & Health is a Kripalu Affiliated Studio
Seeking knowledegeable individuals who would like to bring to our studio programs in Judaism and yoga




RABBI SARA M. BRANDES is West and Southwest Regional Director of Moving Traditions, a 501-c3 that works at the intersection of Judaism and gender, creating meaningful Jewish experiences for teenage girls and boys. A certified yoga instructor and former Middle School Rabbi at Milken Community High School, Rabbi Brandes offers Judaism as a spiritual practice for Jews of all ages.

Email: Rabbi Sara M. Brandes


KELI ‘YOGA PEACH’ teaches Vinyasa, Power, and Prenatal Yoga in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. She also enjoys volunteering yoga classes for health and yoga benefits. Keli’s passion for yoga inspires her yoga & health blog, Yoga Peach. Keli offers trained Doula birth services to Mommies-to-be, often incorporating prenatal yoga sessions prior to birth.

Tel: 702-480-8829
Email: Keli ‘Yoga Peach’
Website: http://


. Owner of Shalom Yoga™ offers a series of yoga, relaxation and meditation classes and workshops designed to create and cultivate a sense of Shalom–Peace. All Shalom Yoga classes are designed to teach participants how to strengthen, balance, and nurture expansion in body and mind while engaging the Jewish spirit. Classes, workshops and retreat offerings
in the greater Washington, DC area.

Tel: 703.622.3802



AL LOW. Yoga for all ages and levels. Classes in Naples, Florida. Private classes also offered at my home or on the beach.

Tel: 239 262-0868.
Email: Al Low


MARCUS J FREED visits twice a year; his profile is on the West Coast directory page. Email: Marcus or visit his website


JUDITH RUBINGER is a teacher of Kundalini yoga, a facilitator of authentic movement and creative movement teacher and developing her own integrated approach to Jewishly-oriented yoga based on the intersection of Kundalini yoga with Jewish prayer, kabbalah and Jewish concepts. Working with “Lifting the Veil: The Divine Code- Practical Kabbalah with Kundalini Yoga” by Joseph Levry, as well as Aleph Bet yoga based on the yogic positions suggested by the Hebrew alphabet.